Ornatte is a woman led startup founded in January, 2021 based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Our purpose is to make Indian fashion accessible, flexible and a constant reminder of our roots. If we can style a sling with Kurtis why can’t we style a potli with a sundress ?

The carefully orchestrated handmade potlis are designed by a team of experienced designers and beautiful local artisans that act as our pillars of strength. The designs are inspired from different ethnic societies of India which influence fashion in our everyday lives. The local craftsmanship embraces the uniqueness of every accessory we create and takes us back to our roots. We like to keep our styles elegant, expressive, effortless and excitable. We aspire to represent the pinnacle of luxury and assistance. Creating all our products with utmost intricacy and attention to detail is the vision of our team. Our job is to deliver exactly what you desire.


To make you fall in love with the beauty of Indian art while maintaining the flexibility of the accessories for you to slay all occasions.

What makes us a right match ?


Ornatte Potlis are made from the finest material sourced from the best manufacturers & are handcrafted by local artisans with a legacy of unique craftsmanship & finally a team of designers who make sure the designs are so unique that you could barely dodge eyes with our potlis.


Ornatte’s potlis are not just products, but an experience. Right from when you click on our webstore till your favorite potli reaches you, we streamline all the processes to make sure you get the premium experience just like feel when you flaunt that potli.


We boast customized potlis that makes us deliver you the liberty of choosing from a whole new range of possibilities when you choose your next potli.


Meet Vedika Khandelwal, the founder and CEO of Ornatte, made a commitment towards the fashion industry from a young age. When simply keeping up with the times wasn't satisfying enough for her, she made the decision to launch her own line of accessories to help others look their best.

Being a creative young entrepreneur, she strives to break the mould while adhering to her core values. With a sole goal to fully implement Indian fashion with a twist globally through her business endeavors, there has been no looking back since.

Layered by outdoor, travel, adventure and lifestyle subjects & some coffee, Vedika is known for her attention to details for grabbing the latest fashion trends that are further punctuated & blended with touch of India’s finest traditional designs. powerful landscapes. Through her social media & website, Vedika strives to share her vision with millions of people & inspire them to glam up with tradition for every occasion.

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